I'm an IT consultant by trade... I travel to my clients, all over Miami-Dade county. Most people don't seem to 'get' that I do so by bicycle and by choice. Generally cycling is my zen, my chance to be one with the world. Unfortunately plenty of drivers are intent on making me one with the road - literally.

Watch these close brushes with death and dismemberment. See what I see, or sometimes (through the rear cam) what I don't see... thats even scarier. I've had more than my fair share of close calls, usually someone being too busy texting, calling or putting on makeup to notice that there is a vulnerable vehicle right near them

Often it's an uneducated driver that have mistaken the local public roads for the Homestead Miami Speedway. How dare a cyclist be on the road?! Why aren't you in the bike lane? Umm, there isn't one or don't you see that car parked in it? Once in a while its a truly homicidal maniac who has no regard for human life. Cyclists will understand - this happens all the time. Drivers don't respect the destructive power of the weapon they wield

Yes, weapon… have you ever had someone step on the gas, with the sole intention of running you over?! I have. All I can hope is that non-cyclists see these videos, and maybe as a result are a little more careful next time they see a bike out of the corner of their eye. All I really want is to live to bike another day

Is that really too much to ask?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What inspired that last post?

Ok, so you wanna know why I was stuck on that horrific scenario I posted last night?  Watch the treatment this driver so willingly showers me with.  Just be glad you didn't hear the audio.  Basically multiple verbal threats on my life ("I'm going to hit you" [with my car] is a threat backed up with a deadly weapon... so guess what, it's called Aggravated Assault and that is a felony)

So what happened after I called 911?  The dispatcher didn't seem to bothered by the fact that I was threatened with a deadly weapon... "She had a weapon?"  "Yes, her car.  She threatened to hit me with it"  'OK just wait there and I will have the police dispatched'

Do you see the problem with this?  The driver is (directly or indirectly depending on how you look at it) threatening to kill me, or at least inflict serious bodily harm.  'Sir, while waiting for the police you should make yourself as vulnerable as possible. Just sit on the side of the road with a big neon sign that says come hit me.'

For all I know, that driver had a police scanner in her car... she did have the Police Athletic League FL plates.  Now she knows I've called the police on her.  She has already threatened my life.  Perhaps she is concerned that I would be able to identify her by voice and decides to come back and follow through on her threats just to be safe.  Remember her windows were illegally tinted, I'm sure she has something to hide, and she had already clearly demonstrated that she had zero respect for human life.  So yes, thank you dispatcher for encouraging me to respond to what was a threat on my life, by being a sitting duck

Now, my apologies.  I am not a human Atlas.  When you asked me for location, and I said across from 1 Brickell Place... "I need an exact address sir" I responded along the lines of 'Biscayne Blvd and SE 8th street'. Yes I know that address doesn't exist now. I forgot it is called Brickell Ave in that area.  Hey at least I didn't call it the Boston Post Rd.  Thats what its called where I grew up

So yeah, thanks for ignoring the large portion of the description of my surroundings and dispatching police to Biscayne Blvd and NE 8th street.  Perhaps that is why I spent over 90 minutes waiting for police to respond.  Yes, 90 minutes waiting for the response to Aggravated Assault.  Is there any way you could leave me in a more vulnerable position?  I know I told you over my various calls to 911 the following key words, which should have clued you into the erroneous address:  One Brickell Place, in front of Miami Today, Tamiami Trail.  I apologize I didn't know what route 1 was called on that particular block.  And shouldn't you have had access to cell phone triangulation data to verify my location, especially when it became clear that there was a miscommunication?  May I ask where the police are dispatched to when they don't know the exact street address of where they need help?  Do you send the police to Bayfront park then too?  Seriously thanks, I would have at least appreciated if you sent pizza when someone finally showed.  As it is I'm not even clear on why I had to wait rather than just heading to MPD headquarters and filling out the appropriate paperwork

Now to be fair... props to the responding officer.  From what he told me they were being dispatched to NE 8, and he decided to check Brickell just in case.  Legitimate kudos for taking the extra effort to do your job, I honestly appreciate it, because quite frankly I was getting livid waiting.  I know it wasn't your fault Officer, so I apologize if I was a bit irritable

Now unfortunately, the plate information I gave you did not identify a vehicle in your system, so there was not much you could do.  I understand that.  You can't be accusing ghosts of felonies.  I'm hoping others will see this video and help me to ID the plate so I can follow up.  Regardless, Officer, you took the time to properly address my concerns and treated me with respect and dignity.  I respect and appreciate that.  I just wish I hadn't had to wait so long for it

Ohh and I was very much impressed with the Bicycle Patrol patch on your shirt sleeve.  I know you understand my concerns, as you've undoubtedly been victim to the bad drivers as well.  Anyone thats ever biked on the road has been

So, two hours later when I finally left, I'd accomplished nothing.  Boy was I thrilled.  Yet, the fun wasn't over.  Apparently when I arrived in Key Biscayne, local PD found me suspicious or something.  A cruiser followed shortly behind me into the parking lot of my destination, and since my bike was locked and lights off couldn't find me.  As I'm entering the building, there were definitely some pretty bright lights looking around.   And 15 minutes later when I checked out the window, there were now two cruisers parked right next to my bike waiting and watching

How did the cyclist turn from victim to villain?


  1. the video is not working, says "private"

  2. that was in the process of being fixed as you wrote that Andrew. Hope you've had the opportunity to watch the video

  3. Hi Ken, just wanted to let you know that I left a voice mail in Judge Cueto's office about my personal experience with close encounters with driver while I'm biking. After seeing your video, I had to leave my piece of mind! Drivers have to be held responsible and then others will take attention and think twice of their actions!

    Thanks for the vids